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~ Breakfast Hours ~

Monday – Friday: 7AM to 11AM • Saturday & Sunday: 7AM to 1PM

Morning Time Refreshments

Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice
4.25 glass / 11.95 carafe

We really Squeeze it to order!

World’s Best Bloody Mary 6.25 / 22.95 carafe

Our own unique Infused Vodka mixed with a blend of spices.
Served with our signature “Dilly Bean.”

Mimosa 5.95

Refresh your morning with a combination of Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice and our House Champagne.

Traditional Bellini 6.25

Our House Champagne bursting with flavor when combined with
Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice and Peach Schnapps.

The Pastry Case

Muffins 2.75

Peer into our pastry case for today’s fresh selection.

Cinnful Rolls 3.95

A sweet tooth’s dream! Warm and Drizzled with Brown Sugar Icing.
Add Pecans .95

Scones 3.25

Hot out of the oven with a choice of Cinnamon Chip, Cranberry Orange or Blueberry Sprinkled with powdered sugar.

Croissants 2.95

A rich, buttery Croissant toasted and served with Butter & Jelly.

Bagels 2.50

Toasted and served with Butter & Jelly.
Plain ~ Everything ~ Honey Wheat

Cream Cheeses 1.25

Plain, Honey Almond, Raspberry, Sun-dried Tomato, Veggie, Chive Caper

Spreads 1.25

Hummus , Peanut Butter


Breakfast Sandwich 6.95

Two Scrambled Eggs smothered with American Cheese and topped with your choice of Bacon, Sausage or Ham. Served on a toasted Croissant with a side of Fresh Fruit.

Egg Plate 6.95

Two Scrambled Eggs, served with Un-Common Potatoes, Fresh Fruit
and your choice of Bacon, Sausage or Ham.

Spinach & Parmesan Scrambler 7.95

Three Scrambled Eggs loaded with Spinach and Parmesan Cheese.
Served with Un-Common Potatoes and Fresh Fruit.

Cowboy Scrambler 8.75

Three Eggs Scrambled with Roasted Peppers & Onions,
Mushrooms, Swiss
Cheese and Garlic. Served with Salsa, Un-Common Potatoes
and Fresh Fruit.

Smokey the Bagel 7.25

An Everything Bagel topped with two Eggs, smothered in Smoked
Cheddar, Spinach, Tomatoes and Red Onions. Served with Fresh Fruit.

Breakfast on the Run

Quiche, Quiche, Quiche! 6.50

You get to choose between two of our Signature Quiches,
served with Fresh Fruit. Featuring: Quiche Florentine or Chef’s Choice

Lots of Lox 8.50

Smoked Salmon on a toasted Everything Bagel with Chive Caper
Cream Cheese, Tomatoes and Red Onions. Served with Fresh Fruit.

Granola 5.95

This Supernatural Cereal is topped with Strawberries and
Blueberries. Served with a Carafe of Milk.
Add Soy Milk .50

Three Little Piggies 6.95

A toasted Everything Bagel topped with Smoked Cheddar, Ham,
Bacon and Sausage. Served with Un-Common Potatoes.

 Sausage Rolls 4.25

Grandma’s recipe of Sausage, Cheddar Cheese, Puff Pastry,
Green Peppers and Onions. All rolled into one. Good on the go!

Biscuits & Gravy 4.25

Smother your Buttermilk Biscuits with our Peppered Gravy.
Add Sausage Rolls 3.75

Fresh Fruit 4.50

A bowl of today’s seasonal selection.
Split plate charge 2.00

Now That You Are Starving

  Breakfast Casserole 6.95

A delicious blend of Eggs, Sausage, Potatoes, Cheddar Cheese,
Pepperjack Cheese, Green Onions and Mushrooms. Served hot
and fresh out of the oven with Fresh Fruit.

Belgian Waffle 6.95

One is enough! Sprinkled with Powdered Sugar. Oh Yeah!
Add Strawberries and Blueberries 1.95

Cinnamon Glazed French Toast 7.50

Two delicious slices topped with Butter and Powdered Sugar.
Served with Fresh Fruit.

Breakfast Pizza 8.75

An Olive Oil glazed Pizza Crust topped with Eggs, Spinach, Ham
and Cheddar Cheese. Baked to perfection and made to satisfy.

Honey Almond Stuffed Toast 8.50

A layer of Honey Almond Cream Cheese sandwiched between two
slices of Cinnamon Glazed French Toast. Served hot with Fresh Fruit.

Fiesta Wrap 8.25

Garlic Herb Wrap jumping with Three Eggs, Ham,
Pepperjack Cheese and Salsa. Served with Fresh Fruit and more Salsa.

Popeye’s Pick 7.75

A Spinach Wrap filled with Three Eggs, Spinach, Mushrooms,
Tomatoes and Cheddar Cheese. Served with Fresh Fruit.

Screaming Buddha 8.95

Three Eggs scrambled, served with a Biscuit & Gravy, Un-Common
Potatoes, Bacon, Ham and a Sausage Roll.
How much more can one eat?

Meaty Belgian 7.95

A Belgian Waffle Sandwich layered with Two Eggs, American Cheese
and a Sausage Pattie. Served with Fresh Fruit.

Breakfast Quesadilla 8.25

A Tomato Tortilla bursting with Three Eggs, Garlic,
Cheddar Cheese, Red Onions, Mushrooms and Jalapeños.
Served with Salsa and Sour Cream.

Side Items

Bacon (2 pices) 1.95
Salsa 1.95
Biscuit 1.95
Sausage Pattie 1.95
Country Ham 1.95
Sausage Roll 2.95
Egg 1.95
Stonemill Wheat Toast 1.95
Fresh Fruit Cup 3.25
French Toast Slice 3.95
Gravy 1.25
Uncommon Potatoes 2.50

Call for to-go order ~ 479-442-3515

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